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Prothom Alo Online ( is the world's #1 Bengali and Bengali based on traffic and pageviews. About 10 million users visit the portal every month, from over 200 different countries. They generate 280 million page views per month. Through all digital platforms - portals and mobile apps in Bengali and English - Prothom Alo Online reaches 1 million people at home and abroad every day.

The Daily Prothom Alo (Bengali: প্রথম আলো) is a Bengali daily newspaper published by the city of Dhaka in Bengali. It is the largest circulation newspaper in Bangladesh. According to the 2018 National Media Survey conducted by Kantar MRB Bangladesh, Prothom Alo has over 6.6 million daily online readers. Prothom Alo's online portal is the most visited Bengali-language website in the world, according to Alexa Internet, a US-based web traffic analysis company.

Prothom Alo begins to win the hearts of conscious and discerning readers with its bold and accurate message from the start. The paper was also recognized for its unique presentation. The unprecedented popularity of Prothom Alo, especially in terms of circulation and readership, is not only a new record, but also a milestone in the history of the Bangladeshi news media industry. Prothom Alo started in 2013 with an average daily circulation of 5,25,000 copies and is still increasing. According to the 2012 National Media Survey conducted by SIRIUS Marketing and Social Research Ltd., 5.1 million people read the Prothom Alo print edition every day, and over 9.6 million people read the paper in a week. Not only does Prothom Alo have the widest readership, but its reach across all demographics is unmatched, while also miles ahead of its closest competitors. Prothom Alo's online portal is the #1 Bengali language website in the world (Source: Alexa). More than 1.5 million unique visitors visit the site 13 million times, with 131 million page views per month from 190 countries around the world (source: Google Analytics). On the other hand, Prothom Alo E-Paper,, allows readers to experience the taste of printed newspapers online. It is the "#1" Bengali e-paper website in the world (Source: Alexa). More than 4,20,000 unique visitors visit the site 1.5 million times, with around 22 million page views per month (source: Google Analytics). Prothom Alo has set the highest standards of journalism in Bangladesh with its unbiased and truthful journalism. Instead of taking on a traditional role, it constantly reinvents itself to stay one step ahead of others. Prothom Alo is inspired by its readers. They are its ultimate arbiter, its ultimate owner. Prothom Alo's mission is to satisfy readers' thirst for information and entertainment on a daily basis with well-founded news and a range of attractive and diverse supplements. In addition, Prothom Alo's multi-dimensional commitment to serving the community through numerous philanthropic activities has been recognized and highly valued at home and abroad. Content Type: News

The journal is published bimonthly and has a readership of over 150,000 people.

According to NMS 2016, 23.7% of people over 15 read newspapers regularly. Worth mentioning are 180 dailies and 200 magazines. Prothom Alo had 5.3 million readers in the 2016 survey, which has grown to 6.6 million this year. Circulation of newspapers has fallen as the lockdown has hindered the distribution of newspapers. But online readership has increased dramatically. TV ratings have also increased. People started listening to the radio again. Journalism is now an extremely important tool, and more adventurous than ever, to meet the needs of readers, viewers, and listeners. During political crises and natural disasters, we always see an increase in readership. The interest of readers and listeners in times of crisis is called crisis reading and listening. It is easy to understand that during a crisis, user demand can rise to very high levels.